Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Transitional Fireplace Mantle

Formal Living Room side
Living Room side under construction
These are the concept drawings for a "built-in cabinet/bookshelf/mantle".  The Built-in separates one large space into the Formal Living room and the Great Room.  The room is 37' x 32" and accommodates this large Fireplace beautifully.  On the formal side the fireplace has a White Carrera tile surround and hearth inside a 6' high mantle.  The legs of the mantle boast shadow boxes with inset moldings.  The area above the mantle has been sized for a specific piece of art.  To the left and the right of the fireplace are back to back cabinets and cantilevered "wrap around" shelves above them.  The shelves make for a smooth transition from room to room as you walk around the fireplace making the millwork seem unending.  

 The great room side moldings are less traditional and offer the home a less traditional feel.  The fireplace will be surrounded with a real stone from floor to ceiling and wraping around the top of the highest header to integrate the two sides even more.  The header also will have lighting to help create a dramatic effect on the stone and ceiling.  Above the Mantle the TV will be mounted in front of the rock.
Living room (with Paint)

As this project Finishes over the next month I will post more pictures so you can follow the process, Enjoy.
Great Room side (with paint)
Stonework beginning

Great Room side

Exciting new ceiling

If you want to add detail and drama to a room adding boxed beams with crown molding will do the trick.  This kitchen had high ceilings but needed some added detail.  I split the room into thirds taking a cue from the square shape of the room. After installing the supports to the floor joists above I wrapped them with 1x mdf and routed the bottom.  I then installed crown molding inside the squares made by the false beams.  All it needs is paint and it will be complete.