Tuesday, February 24, 2015

There's Not an "APP" for Craftmanship

With technology invading every part of our lives, including our place of work, we become more dependent on technology and technology is heading towards mobile accessibility.  In the construction field we see connectivity through technology, apps, and software as a real plus.   We are able to e-mail from job sites pictures, change orders, product descriptions, schedules, and day to day communications.  There are so many useful Apps now available for contractors like Evernote, Construction Master Pro, Buildertrend, ihandy Carpenter, and many more task specific apps. All of these apps work well with our cell phones that no one is without anymore.  So our job sites are now linked to all of this information.  All these apps help us on site but do not replace the Carpenter, Electrician, roofer, supervisor, or the plumber.  Building is still, simply put, a trade skill irreplaceable by technology and craftmanship is the cornerstone to our industry.  Too many contractors devalue craftmanship for production while adding computer systems and technology to help with production. Think of it this way, every project you construct has the need for a "Craftsmanship" App.  If this app was the emphasis for Contractors I believe we would produce a far better product for our customers and I could argue increase your productivity and sales.  Recently a study found that construction workers were amoung the "Happiest" at there jobs.  I believe this to be true for many reasons, but mainly how rewarding it is to work hard with your own two hands and make something everyday.  So  spend time training your employees to become Craftsman and the rest of the Apps you use will become more helpful in the hands of a skilled profesional.

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