Monday, May 23, 2011

Trip to Marvin Windows & Door Factory


      Leaving Warroad Minnesota on the twin engine plane I want to remember my experience at Marvin and think back on what I took from my time at the factory.  What surprised me is that my thoughts didn't go to windows or doors, but to a man, George Marvin, founder of Marvin windows and door .  The town reeks of appreciation and honor for the Marvin family.  Three phrases and memories stick out in my mind.  The first is George Marvin's motto that "To succeed in any field, work like hell and don’t spend more then you make".  Words needed today.  The second memory is a story of George Marvin that was told by his granddaughter.  On a Sunday before church he was in the grain elevator shoveling grain for a man that needed it that day.  He said it was more important then being on time to church.  His charity and hard work have built that community.  The family tradition has continued through the generations obviously.  The funny thing is that I was at a manufacturer for 2 days and came away with stories of a man and his family, not upselling techniques or technical data.  This company puts its character into its product.  The whole operation from start to finish is in house.  Marvin is resourceful in everything they do, waste management, heating, recycling, even utilizing and enabling their employees talents and interests.  Jane was our Marvin representative at dinner.  She started working for Marvin in the factory and was sent to school for computer technology and now works in the IT department.  The company's values show in their windows and doors.  Quality is at the top end of the market.  Windows and doors take every abuse inside and out while performing in extreme environments, our homes.  We keep the inside temperature at 68 degrees while the outside weather, 1" to 6" away, is -40 or 100 degrees.  This is a problematic area for every builder.  Marvin has found solutions to this problem.  The only thing left is for the contractor to install them correctly, which they provide information and training for.  We leave Warroad and Marvin knowing a product thoroughly and just beginning to know the community. Finally, the third thing I’ll remember was Bill Marvins' resolve after his factory burnt to the ground, "we'll build it again, and we'll build it better".   And they did....

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