Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giving a room a custom look

I recently aquired a pool table and moved it into our bonus room.  Since then I have been thinking about how to turn the room into a pool room with character and functionality.  I decided to add wainscoting around the room and a built in shelving unit for a television.  I chose vertical grain doug fir as the wood species to keep a

northwest theme.  I then started laying out the room on paper with a "to-scale" drawing.  I was able to size and place the built-in where I wanted and make a material list based on my final dimensions.  I built the shelving unit first and installed the wainscoting around the room.  I also built a small corner table from 3" VG fir set at 39" from the floor to allow for a bar stool seating area.  I left the wood natural and used a clear polyurethane to finish the wood.  I then painted the upper two thirds of the wall and that completed the room, giving the space a purpose and a real warm feel.

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